Academic Board

The Academic Board advises the University Council on matters relating to courses of study, awards, and other academic matters.

The University's Academic Board is established under sections 283, 284 and 285(5) of the Education and Training Act 2020. The Academic Board Statute (PDF) defines the membership, functions and powers of the Board.


Academic Board holds regular meetings, which are open to the public, except for confidential items.

Access the meeting agendas, papers, and minutes of the Academic Board for 2024.


Members of the Board are designated or appointed under section 3.1 of the Academic Board Statute. In addition to senior academic staff such as the deputy vice-chancellors and heads of school, all professors are members of the Board. There are also elected, non-professorial members and student representatives.

The Board's convener is the Vice-Chancellor. The membership, functions and powers of the Academic Board are defined in the Academic Board Statute (PDF) Total membership is approximately 235. The quorum is 25 members.


The Board may appoint committees in accordance with section 3.6 of the Academic Board Statute.

The committees of the Board are:

Academic Board meetings are open to the public (except for confidential items). You can read meeting dates, agendas, and minutes for all 2024 meetings.

For further information contact the executive officer at