Earth, life, and climate—in search of nature's 'invisible hand'

Professor Nicholas Golledge discusses our world's processes of self-organisation.

Everything in the world that we see today is there because of processes that over four-and-a-half billion years have gradually refined the ways simple building blocks are put together. This process of assembly has given rise to complex structures that exhibit complex behaviours, even though the laws of physics dictate that it should be chaos, rather than order, that increases over time.

In this lecture Professor Golledge will discuss how processes of self-organisation enable that complexity, and also the characteristic patterns of behaviour that many natural systems share - from plate tectonics to ecological biodiversity, from the global climate to the beating of our hearts.

Nicholas Golledge, dressed in a suit, flanked by two other suited men on the evening of his inaugural lecture
Director, Antarctic Research Centre, Professor Robert McKay, Professor Nicholas Golledge, and Pro Vice Chancellor SHEADI Professor Ehsan Mesbahi.

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