A public university for the 21st century—Generational change and the common good

In his inaugural lecture, Professor Stephen Marshall reflects on the future of the university in New Zealand.

Geiger has observed that each generation recreates the university to respond to its evolving needs. Although COVID has seen higher education disrupted globally, it’s clear that the New Zealand university system was challenged by complex and interconnected external forces well before the pandemic.

The financial, political, employment, and social forces acting on the university need to be engaged with in ways that strengthen the role of the university as a social institution, sustaining the common good of New Zealand.

In this inaugural lecture, Professor Stephen Marshall from the Centre for Academic Development will reflect on the future of the university in New Zealand. Using insights from his research, he will demonstrate how our choices can influence the potential future context and the nature of the university we sustain for the common good.

Nic Smith, Stephen Marshall and Wendy Larner standing together in academic dress
Inaugural lecture (left to right): Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nic Smith, Professor Stephen Marshall, and Provost Professor Wendy Larner.

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