Dr Mark Kaemingk

2013 - 2016 | Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Abi Powell

2014 | Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Vanessa Hernaman

2014 | Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Rachel Clausing

2010 - 2015 | Fulbright Fellow

Dana Morton

2011 - 2012 | Fulbright Fellow

Dr Paul Mensink

2014 | Factors influencing the recruitment, growth and reproduction of a temperate reef fish, Forsterygion lapillum

Dr Philipp Neubauer

2012 | Development and Application of Otolith-Based Methods to Infer Demographic Connections in a Marine Metapopulation

Dr Alejandro Perez Matus

2010 | Effects of Macroalgal Habitats on the Community and Population Structure of Temperate Reef Fishes

Dr Gareth Williams

2010 | Coral Disease and the Environment in the Pacific Ocean

Dr Shane Geange

2010 | Postdoctoral fellow

2010 | An Evaluation of Prior Residency and Habitat Effects on the Persistence of Settling Reef Fishes

Dr Anna Smith

2009 | Environmental and Life-history Factors Influencing Juvenile Demography of a Temperate Reef Fish

Dr Sonja Miller

2008 | A Quantitative Assessment of Ra'ui (a Traditional Approach to Marine Protected Areas) on the Fishes and Invertebrates of Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Dr Bruce Dudley

2007 | Quantitative Ecological Impact Assessments using Natural Abundance Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Signatures

Jessie Bottcher

2016 | Developmental history and phenotypic plasticity in the amphidromous fish, Galaxias maculatus (whitebait)

Conor Neilson

2016 | There and back again: Spatial and temporal variation in the recruitment dynamics of an amphidromous fish

Chris McDowall

2016 | A fish for all seasons: Spatial and temporal variation in patterns of demographic heterogeneity for Retropinna retropinna

Vinnie Wood

2016 | Growth history and morphological variation in adult stages of an amphidromous fish, Galaxias maculatus

Ben Moginie

2016 | Going all the way: The implications of life history and phenotype on reproductive success of the common triplefin, Forsterygion lapillum

Phoebe Caie

2016 | Selective mortality on early life-history traits of a temperate reef fish

Jennifer Oliver

2013 | Reproductive ecology, condition, and the physical environment of a temperate protogynous hermaphrodite at a small spatial scale

Chris McDermott

2005 | Understanding patterns of habitat use in reef fish: Implications of ontogenetic shifts in habitat-use for population demography

Mat Forsyth

2005 | Interactions between larval condition and juvenile environments and their consequences for reef fish recruitment

Tom Curtis*

2005 | Biogeographic variation in demographic rates of the yellow-eyed mullet, Aldrichetta forsteri (mugilidae) across New Zealand

Rose Ter Borg

2010 | Reproductive output, parental investment, and early life-history of the common triplefin