Funding Opportunities

Other CfB resources and support

The CfB offers 'Writing Support Grants' that provide up to $500 funding towards professional editing of your grants, manuscripts, thesis chapters, etc. We have a list of approved editors who can do everything from a quick check of grammar, to ruthlessly cutting words to help you meet the Nature word limit, to making suggestions that improve the flow and clarity of your writing. All of our editors are also experienced at working with theses and familiar with the university policies around third-party editorial feedback. Even for experienced writers, having a second 'pair of eyes' to help proof-read an important piece of work can help eliminate the classic scenario of finding a typo AFTER you hit submit!

If you have a writing project you’d like help with, just email us at

We also offer Scientific Illustration Support Grants. These provide up to $500 funding towards professional graphic design for high-profile manuscripts and/or science communication. We have an amazing graphic designer who is experienced at working with scientists and turning ideas into beautifully clear illustrations. Our graphic designer has helped to create figures for CfB member publications in prestigious journals such as Current Biology and Trends in Microbiology.

If you have a scientific illustration that you’d like help with, just email us at