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Katie Hillyer

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Becky Focht

United States | Twitter | Contact Becky

Evaluation of patterns and consequences of disturbance events for marine reef fish

My research focuses on a species’ adaptive capacity (the ability of a species to persist despite changes from disturbance). Due to climate change, predictions for the future suggest an increasing intensity of extreme weather events making the adaptive capacity of many species unclear. Intertidal/shallow subtidal species are frequently subjected to varying, often intense, levels of wave action. To understand the potential consequences of disturbance events, I am evaluating wave-induced water flow and corresponding morphological traits, behavior, distribution

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Daniel McNaughtan

New Zealand | Contact Daniel

Larval distribution and behaviour in the early developmental stages of the common triplefin.

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Keith Michael

New Zealand | Contact Keith

Recruitment of oysters in Foveaux Strait: contributions of spawning-stock size, biological and climatic factors.

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Pauline Mitterwallner

New Zealand | Contact Pauline

Reproductive timing and investment decisions of coral reef fish

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Phoebe Caie

New Zealand | Contact Phoebe

Developmental histories and recruitment dynamics of coral reef fish