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General information

SOP Hazardous waste disposal

How to read a Safety Date Sheet (SDS)

Generic Safe Methods of Use (SMOU’s)

For the more hazardous substances of each class (e.g. 3.1A, all class  4, 5.1.1A, 5.1.2A, 6.1A-C & 8.1-2A) consideration should be given to preparing a more specific SMOU for each substance. In which case these generic SMOU’s  can be used as a template or guide.

HSNO class 3.1A (Flammable liquids)

HSNO class 3.1B (Flammable liquids)

HSNO class 3.1C (Flammable liquids)

HSNO class 4 (Combustible solids, except class 4.3)

HSNO class 4.3 (Flammable Solids, Dangerous when wet)

HSNO 5.1 (Oxidisers)

HSNO class 6.1 (Acute toxicity)

HSNO class 6.3-6.9 (Chronic toxicity)

HSNO class 8 (Corrosive)

Liquid Nitrogen  (general use)

Specific Safe Methods of Use (SMOU’s)

Ethidium Bromide - waste disposal