Recent funding as Primary or Co-primary Investigator

2016 | HRC Project Grant: Biodiscovery of new drug candidates (with Dr Jeremy Owen, VUW; $1,195,266)
2016 | US NIH R01 Grant: Improved models for cellular regeneration (with A/Prof Jeff Mumm, Johns Hopkins University; US$1,500,000)
2015 | Marsden Standard Grant: Bionic enzymes for artificial substrates (with Dr Wayne Patrick, Otago; $825,000)
2015 | MBIE Smart Ideas Part II Grant: Engineering high value enzymes (with Prof. Vic Arcus, Dr Wayne Patrick, Prof. Emily Parker; $1,000,000)
2014 | Falk Medical Grant: Modelling blindness in an artificial retina (with A/Prof Val Canto-Soler and A/Prof Jeff Mumm; US$500,000)

Recent funding as Associate Investigator

2015 | Marsden Standard Grant (PI Prof. Barry Scott, Massey; $825,000)
2014 | HRC Project Grant (PI A/Prof. Adam Patterson, Auckland; $1,186,308)