Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research is New Zealand’s leading independent biomedical research institute.

The Malaghan Institute is an independent research organisation with a focus on immunology and immunotherapy located on Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington’s Kelburn campus.

A number of senior Malaghan Institute staff have joint appointments with the School of Biological Sciences, where they teach and supervise research students.

About the Malaghan Institute

Established in 1966, world-class immunological research and clinical trials come together on a single site at the Malaghan Institute. This enables scientists and clinicians to work side by side, making new discoveries in the laboratory, translating them into new treatment options, and testing them in the clinic.

Key research areas include:

Postgraduate study at the Malaghan Institute

Postgraduate study positions are available at the Malaghan Institute. The institute has a long-standing affiliation with Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, and is considered one of the leading organisations for students to complete a PhD in Immunology. Students who undertake postgraduate research at the Malaghan Institute are sought after around the world because of the intensive training they receive in current cutting-edge technologies and ideas.

For further information

As postgraduate and summer studentship positions become available they are advertised on the Malaghan Institute’s website, or you can register your interest in a particular disease area or project by contacting one of the Institute’s Group Leaders.