We collaborate with many researchers in New Zealand and abroad.

These include:

Director of the Centre of Biodiversity & Restoration Ecology

Senior Lecturer · Programme Director, Masters of Geographic Information Science (MGIS)
School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

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Bethanna Jackson

Jason Tylianakis, University of Canterbury

Martin Hartmann, Swiss Federal Research Institute

Aimee Classen, University of Vermont

Hollei Gabrielsen, Ngati Rangi

Robert Holdaway, Landcare Research

Gavin Lear, University of Auckland

Hannah Buckley, Auckland Institute of Technology


2017 | National Science Challenge “Our Biological Heritage” – $18,000 “High through-put lipid analysis as a quality control for environmental DNA sequencing studies.”

2016 | Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Vision Matauranga Capability Fund, $115,000 “The Future of Our Taonga Tipu”

2016 | Philanthropic research contribution Holdsworth Family Trust - $450,000 “Wetlands for People and Place: achieving maximal restoration outcomes for the Wairarapa wetland ecosystem”

2016 | Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fast Start - $300,000 “First come, best served? The role of generalist and specialist species in the assembly, diversity and productivity of ecosystems

2014 | Victoria University Research Fund - $12,500 “Ecosystem responses to direct and indirect effects of climate warming; the International Warming X Species Removal experiment”

2014 | Victoria University Research Fund - $36,789 “Plant-mycorrhizal network facilitation: a novel tool for the restoration of wetland biodiversity?”