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Sharada Paudel

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Phenological patterns in native trees

My PhD research is focused on community wide phenological patterns of native bird-pollinated and bird-dispersed plant species of New Zealand. The phenological seasons, their patterns and plant trait correlations of the some bird-pollinated and dispersed plant species is analysed in the context of their relationship to climate, pollinator and frugivore availability and leaf, flower and fruit abundances. The leaf trait characteristics of plants are also tested for correlation with several reproductive traits on the basis of theory put forward by worldwide leaf economics spectrum.


Dr Kirsty Yule

2016 | Tri-trophic interactions of a predator-parasite-host assemblage in New Zealand

Dr Amanda Taylor

2016 | Vascular epiphyte assemblage structure and distribution patterns in the south-temperate zone

Dr Julia Loepelt

2016 | Can You Teach an Old Parrot New Tricks? Individual Variation in the Problem-Solving Abilities of Wild Kaka (Nestor Meridionalis) 

Dr Patrick Kavanagh

2015 | Macroevolutionary Changes of Plants on Islands