Student and alumni profiles

Find out what studying in our School is like—read what our current and past students have to say about their experiences.

Oliver stands in front of the Malaghan Institute builing wearing a dark grey suit and red shirt. The Malaghan sign can be seen in the background.

Oliver Jarvis

The flexibility of the Bachelor of Science led to Oliver majoring in both Biotechnology and Economics.

Gliselle Marin holds up binoculars with green trees and bush behind her.

Gliselle Marin

Gliselle completed a Master of Conservation Biology and now works as the development manager for the Ya’axché Conservation Trust in Belize.

Kelly stands in a lab, wearing a white lab coat and focused on lab equipment.

Kelly Campen

External factor, such as chemicals found in plastics and drugs can influence the cell-to-cell communication that happens in the ovary, says Kelly.

Evan leans against a counter, next to some equipment.

Evan Brenton-Rule

During his PhD Evan followed his passion for the natural world through scientific research of invasive species.

Katie sits on a wooden bench on a rocky beach with the ocean on one side and green vegetation on the other.

Katie Clemens-Seely

Interested in a conservation-orientated degree that would allow her to gain practical and research skills, Katie decided to do a Master of Marine Conservation.

Palak, wearing a white lab coat, sits by a microscope.

Palak Mehta

Palak completed a Master of Clinical Immunology and now works as a research officer at the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research.

Monique stands at the top of a staircase, leaning against the rail. She wears a coat and scarf. Next to her is a sign  that says 'Te Toki a Rata.'

Monique Holmes

Growing up around the beaches of Tauranga, Monique always loved the ocean. Studying marine biology gave her the chance to combine what she loved with learning.

Jen stands outside, looking off to one side. Behind her is the Ministry for Primary Industries sign, a street and traffic lights.

Jen Matthews

After working as a marine biologist and conservation manager in Thailand, Jen decided to pursue a PhD on the ability of corals to adapt to climate change.

Alinor, wearing a lab coat and a blue plastic glove, holds up a vial of pink liquid.

Alinor Rose

Alinor has always been interested in science, especially anything to do with human health, so a biomedical science degree was a perfect match for her.

Sian Moffit looks off camera with rows of office cubes with computers behind her.

Sian Moffit

Everyone has a part to play in preserving the environment, says Sian, who is committed to doing just that for future generations through conservation work.

Ben Jones sits at a table in the hub. People, the library entrance and digital screens are blurred in the background.

Ben Jones

Ben completed a Master of Drug Discovery and Development and now works as a medicines evaluator at Medsafe in the Ministry of Health.