Here are some programs and R scripts we have developed. The software is freely available for academic use, but comes with no guarantee.


Scale Dependent Foraging

(S. Hartley & M. Frean)

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Spatial Analysis for Ecologists

(SAFE) version 03, (S. Hartley)

[as used by Wilson et al. (2004) Spatial patterns reveal biodiversity change. Nature 432: 323-396]

This programme accepts files of point locations, e.g. ID, x-coordinate, y-coordinate. It will calculate and save-to-file the following data:

  • a matrix of inter-point distances
  • the number of separate clusters defined by a maximum spanning distance
  • the number of other points within a specified radius of each and every point
  • the number of other points within a specified size square centred over each and every point
  • the number of points within each grid cell, where the grid origin and resolution can be specified

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R User Group

This group aims to support and promote the use of the statistical software package ‘R’.

We provide example scripts and tutorials for some typical ecological analyses.

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Conditions of use

Software may be distributed freely for non-commercial academic use only. Whilst every effort has been made to create an acceptable working version, no responsibility is accepted for consequential loss or damage of hardware or data caused by use of this software.

Please e-mail me if you would like to be notified of future software upgrades address.