CBRE members

Our research expertise is drawn from seven schools across the University.


Spatial ecology | Community dynamics

Deputy Director

Plant Biology


Human dimensions geography | Ecology

Island biology | Community dynamics

Microbiology | Biochemistry

Plant stress physiology

Invasive species


IGPS Senior Researcher |  Freshwater ecology

Wildlife management | Ecology and Chemistry

New technologies | Analytical & organic chemistry

Resource management

Insect ecology

Mathematics | Data Science

Psychology | Social wellbeing

Ecology | Herpetology | Ecophysiology | Evolution

Biomimicry | Human dimensions ecology


Spatial Analysis | GIS


Science communication | Citizen science

Avian ecology

Marine & coastal ecology

Acoustics | Signal processing

Ecosystem services

Urban design

Community ecology

Ecological Statistics

Centre associates


  • Dr David Burton - School of Biological Sciences
  • A/Prof Geoff Chambers - School of Biological Sciences
  • Dr George Gibbs - School of Biological Sciences
  • E/Prof Ken McNatty - School of Biological Sciences
  • Dr Barry Sneddon - School of Biological Sciences
  • Dr Ben Bell - School of Biological Sciences
  • Dr Murray Williams - School of Biological Sciences
  • Dr John Haywood - School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • E/Prof Shirley Pledger - School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Prof Kim Sterelny - School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations
  • Dr Catherine Iorns - School of Law

Associates beyond Victoria University of Wellington

  • Prof Phil Bishop - Zoology Department, University of Otago
  • Dr Kelly Hare - Waikato University
  • Dr Danielle Shanahan - Zealandia, Conservation Manager
  • Dr Christine Stockum - Goodnature
  • Clare Stringer - Wellington Zoo, Conservation Manager
  • Dr Sean Weaver - Ekos, Director