Learn about the School of Biological Science's world-class facilities.

Wellington University Coastal Ecology Lab (WUCEL)

The School of Biological Sciences maintains the Wellington University Coastal Ecology Lab as a living laboratory. It is a centre for ecological research, education and promotes stewardship of the natural world.

The lab is located approximately 8km south of the Kelburn campus (where the main School of Biological Sciences is located) and overlooks Cook Strait, with its spectacular exposed rocky reef systems and has unimpeded views to the South Island.

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The School maintains three large glasshouses used to grow material for Botany practicals and for a variety of graduate research projects. Situated on the roof of the Kirk building, the glasshouses have spectacular views of Wellington harbour and the Rimutaka ranges.

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Confocal microscope

Confocal microscopy is a specialised microscopy technique for investigating structures in three dimensions. It is also suited to experiments investigating co-localisation and quantification of fluorescence.

The SBS confocal microscope facility at Victoria University of Wellington has an Olympus FV1000 spectral imaging microscope, with four lasers enabling imaging of fluorophores between 405-700 nm, ideal for examining fixed biological specimens.

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Chemical genetics laboratory

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