Undergraduate study

There are two undergraduate degrees offered by the School of Biological Sciences: a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

Biological Sciences

Biological Science is the study of how living organisms work. Learn to apply this knowledge of living things to make life better for humans, and help the environment.

Available subjects

Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical science is about innovative research into human health. Be at the forefront of discovery—from researching genetics and reproduction, to understanding the cellular and molecular structure of a disease, to searching for a cure.

Available subjects

Ecology and Marine Biology

Take your passion for the natural world to the next level. Explore topics in ecology, marine biology and conservation biology and learn about the vast diversity of plants, animals and micro-organisms that live on earth.

Available subjects

Degree requirements

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A minor (only) is available in Forensic Science and Science in Society.

Laboratory information

All students must wear lab coats and shoes in laboratory sessions. Lab coats may be purchased from New Kirk 507 and VicBooks in The Hub.

Dissecting kits are provided in the labs.