Learn about the School of Biological Sciences’ programmes, facilities, and research centres, and our commitment to research.

Our programmes span the full range of contemporary biology, from biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, and biomedical sciences to ecology, marine biology, systematics, and natural history.

Our commitment to teaching is underpinned by first-hand research experience in all areas of our degree programmes. This relationship between teaching and research provides real context for the study of biology and ensures our taught curriculum is kept fresh and up to date.

Featured in the video above are Dr Kevin (K.C.) Burns at Otari Wilton’s Bush, Dr Paul Teesdale-Spittle in the Chemical Genetics Lab and Alejandra Perea-Blázquez at WUCEL (Wellington University Coastal Ecology Lab).

Our laboratory and office facilities are world class. Our marine lab, WUCEL, is situated on Wellington’s south coast and won architectural design and construction awards. We have two research vessels associated with the lab for oceanographic and inshore marine research.

Our online equipment database showcases a selection of the specialised equipment and facilities owned and operated by the University. You can explore them using our search tool.

Two applied research centres are supported by the School – the Centre for Biodiscovery and the Centre for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration.