Group Leader

Professor of Plant Biology · Associate Dean - Academic (Undergraduate)
Wellington Faculty of Science

PhD Students

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Tanja Karl

Germany | Contact Tanja

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Karl Yager

New Zealand | Contact Karl


Dr Gagandeep Jain

2016 | Functional role of betalains in Disphyma australe under salinty stress

Dr Luke Cooney

2015 | Redressing the roles of anthocyanin pigments in vegetative and reproductive organs

Dr Kate Calcott

2014 | The localisation, intracellular transport, and biosynthetic regulation of betalain plant pigments

Dr Maheshshini Mawalagedera

2014 | Antioxidant Activities of Sonchus oleraceus L.

Dr Ignatius Menzies

2013 | Do foliar anthocyanin pigments in horopito (Pseudowintera colorata) function as visual signals to deter insect herbivores?