Teaching at WUCEL

Who we teach at WUCEL

A study site across the road from VUCEL
BIOL 370 students working on the coast opposite WUCEL.
Students using quadrats in a rocky shore study
Students using quadrats in a rocky shore study.

WUCEL primarily supports the research components of undergraduate and postgraduate education, where students are required to successfully complete independent research programmes under the guidance of academic staff.

Undergraduate level

At undergraduate level, WUCEL hosts a week-long intensive course in field marine ecology, BIOL 370. The course is taught annually in late January–early February before the start of the first trimester.

Postgraduate level

At postgraduate level, WUCEL hosts BIOL 428, an advanced course in research design, implementation and analysis for the marine sciences. Some components of the course are taught from the University of Otago’s Portobello Marine Lab and the University of Auckland's Leigh Marine Lab.