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Jonathan Gardner

PhD Students

Gustav Kessel profile-picture photograph

Gustav Kessel

New Zealand | Contact Gustav

Taxonomy and systematic of soft corals, Alcyonium spp.

Sonali Pawaskar profile-picture photograph

Sonali Pawaskar

India | Contact Sonali

The impact of the built environment on marine bioinvasions (in collaboration with the University of Waikato (NZ) and Murdoch University (Aus))

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Ruojin Yan

China | ResearchGate | Contact Ruojin

Patterns of population genetics and connectivity of squat lobsters in vulnerable marine ecosystems

Squat lobsters are highly diversified and widespread decapods. They may be associated with habitat-forming benthic species (e.g. corals). In New Zealand’s EEZ, three Munida species (M. isos, M. endeavourae and M. gracilis) are abundant and widely distributed, sometimes in association with coral (VME) formations. My research will focus on the population genetics and connectivity of the three Munida species from within and outside the New Zealand EEZ, which will help provide information for the effective management of the deep-sea and its VMEs.

Master's Students

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Ian Blixt

USA | Contact Ian

Which environmental factors contribute most to the spread of the invasive Northern Hemisphere blue mussel in New Zealand?

Joanna Hamilton profile-picture photograph

Joanna Hamilton

New Zealand | Contact Jo

Population genetics of the blue mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis, along the Adriatic coast of the Mediterranean Sea (in collaboration with University of Zagreb, Croatia).

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Cody Lorkin

New Zealand | Contact Cody

Impact of invasive Undaria pinnatifida on New Zealand intertidal communities.



Some recent graduates and research fellows from my lab amongst the more than 29 PhD, 15 MSc and 13 BSc Honours students that I have supervised.

Dr Lyndsey Holland

2014 - 2017 | Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Vulnerable marine ecosystems

Dr Ann Wood

2007 - 2010 | Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Phylogenetic systematics and population connectivity of New Zealand Siphonariidae

Dr Liz MacAvoy

2004 - 2007 | Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Development and application of shellfish microsatellite markers for hatchery-based selective breeding

Dr Smita Apte

2001 - 2003 | Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Application of molecular genetic markers to quantifying genetic variation in the endemic New Zealand greenshell mussel, Perna canaliculus

Dr Rachel Boschen

2016 | The Ecological Impacts of Mining at Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits on Megafaunal Assemblage Structure and Population Connectivity

Dr Franziska Elmer

2016 | Factors Affecting Coral Recruitment and Calcium Carbonate Accretion Rates on a Central Pacific Coral Reef

Dr Alix LaFerriere

2016 | Examining the ecological complexities of blackfoot paua demography and habitat requirements in the scope of marine reserve protection

Dr Cong Zeng

2016 | Patterns of genetic connectivity in deep-sea vulnerable marine ecosystems and implications for conservation

Dr Catarina Silva

2015 | Spatial and temporal genetic structure of the New Zealand scallop Pecten novazealandiae: A multidisciplinary perspective

Dr Heather Constable

2014 | Population structure, temporal stability and seascape genetics of two endemic New Zealand Pleuronectiformes, Rhombosolea plebeia (sand flounder) and R. leporina (yellowbelly flounder)

Dr Danielle Hannan

2014 | Population genetics and connectivity in Paphies subtriangulata and Paphies australis (Bivalvia: Mesodesmatidae)

Dr Celine Reisser

2012 | Speciation, Connectivity and Self-Recruitment Among Mollusc Populations from Isolated Oceanic Islands

Dr Tyler Eddy

2011 | Marine Reserves as Conservation and Management Tools: Implications for Coastal Resource Use

Dr Kristen Westfall

2011 | Molecular Ecology and Systematics of Blue Mussels (Genus Mytilus) (Mytilidae; Bivalvia; Mollusca) in the Southern Hemisphere

Dr Ashley Coutts

2010 | The Nature, Extent and Survivorship of Biofouling Organisms at Different Hull Locations on Various Vessel Types

Dr Grant Hopkins

2010 | Assessment and Management of Risks from Biofouling

Dr Barrie Forrest

2007 | Managing Risks from Invasive Marine Species: Is Post-Border Management Feasible?

Rata Pryor Rodgers, MSc

2015 | Does Seston Quality Limit the Presence of Mussels on Wellington’s South Coast? FlowCAM investigation of seston particle type

Teatim Tamaroa, MSc

2010 | The Sea Cucumber Holothuria (Halodeima) atra (Jager, 1833), in South Tarawa Lagoon (Republic of Kiribati): Environmental Variability, Population Biology and Fishing Pressure