Medicinal cannabis: A welcome relief?

Dr Fiona Hutton and Dr Denise Taylor ask why legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes is so controversial in New Zealand?

Spotlight Lecture Series

September 2018

Medicinal cannabis is a controversial subject. It holds out the promise of much needed pain relief but, at the same time, often conflicts with current drug laws and prohibition. Why is the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes so controversial in New Zealand and what are the facts around its proposed use?

Dr Fiona Hutton (Institute of Criminology) presents some of the arguments and myths surrounding medicinal cannabis, and discusses why drug law reform is often strenuously resisted. Dr Denise Taylor (School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Practice) explores the increasing evidence base for the benefits of cannabis in healthcare, and the difficulty in reconciling legally prescribed addiction while criminalising recreational use.

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