The criminalisation of poverty in New Zealand

Professor Lisa Marriott questions whether those who are least advantaged fare worse than those who are in relatively privileged positions.

Provost Lecture Series

September 2018

Do those who are least advantaged in New Zealand fare worse than those who are in relatively privileged positions?

Professor Lisa Marriott set out to explore this topic after witnessing white-collar criminals receive more favourable treatment than their poorer counterparts in New Zealand—a country that holds itself out as egalitarian. In exploring the different treatments of white- and blue-collar criminals, she discovered the differences in treatment of poorer and wealthier criminals extended beyond crime and into multiple other situations.

In this lecture, Professor Marriott highlights issues of equity and privilege in New Zealand, drawing on her research that examined tax evasion and welfare fraud, as well as other research she has undertaken on tax and social justice.

The Provost Lecture Series is hosted by Victoria University of Wellington Provost Wendy Larner and brings together local and international speakers to discuss the world of academia—interesting research, personal journeys and the future of universities.

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