Staff policies

These documents set out employment-related policies and information for staff at Victoria University of Wellington.

Documents related to the academic regulations that govern entrance, enrolment, graduation, teaching and learning, postgraduate study and changes to courses and programmes of study are located in the Student and academic policies section.

Academic Approvals Handbook

This handbook sets out the University’s policies and processes for approving new courses and programmes, and for changing existing courses and programmes. View PDF

Academic Leave Allowances Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out the rules that apply to the expenditure of academic leave allowances. View PDF

Acceptable Use of Information Systems Statute

This statute provides a framework for use of network and information systems, including breaches of this statute, Student Conduct Statute and Conduct Policy. Effective from: November 2022View PDF

Adjunct and Visiting Staff Policy

This policy outlines the circumstances for persons outside the University appointed to adjunct or visiting positions, approvals and how exceptions are managed. Effective from: June 2015View PDF

Assessment Handbook

The Assessment Handbook sets out Victoria University of Wellington’s assessment policy and practice for all undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses. Effective from: February 2023View PDF

Business Continuity Management Policy

This policy outlines the BCM framework, responsibilities and principles to effectively prepare for and achieve strategic aims through times of major crisis. Effective from: March 2010View PDF

Child Protection Policy

This policy is to protect the safety and wellbeing of children aged under 18 years who are receiving Children’s Services from Victoria University of Wellington. Effective from: August 2018View PDF

Conflicts of Interest Statute

This statute ensures staff use discretion to manage any conflicts of interest and act in a manner consistent with institutional responsibilities. Effective from: June 2011View PDF

Consultation for Employment Matters Policy

This policy sets the principles and requirements of the consultation processes to be followed regarding change, strategic planning and policies affecting staff. Effective from: February 2013View PDF

Contract for Services Policy

This policy sets the procedures to determine the nature of engagement, and the subsequent relationship, between the University and its contractors. Effective from: June 2010View PDF

Disclosure of Wrongdoing (Whistleblower) Policy

see Whistleblower Policy

Entitlement to Undertake Private Work Policy

The policy outlines the responsibilities of staff, and the conditions that apply, when undertaking private work. View PDF

Equal Employment Opportunities Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide information and guidance to managers and staff enabling equity and diversity across the University. Effective from: March 2014View PDF

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Framework

Effective from: December 2018View PDF

Fraud Policy

This policy addresses the risk of fraud and outlines the actions the University will take when any suspected fraud is reported or discovered. View PDF

Gift and Koha Policy

This policy provides a framework for staff around the giving and receiving of gifts and koha on behalf of the University. View PDF

Guidelines for Managing Performance Issues

These guidelines outline the process for managing performance issues. View PDF

Guidelines for Resolving Alleged Misconduct

These guidelines outline the informal, formal and Tikanga Māori processes for resolving alleged misconduct. View PDF

Health and Safety Policy

This policy confirms Victoria University of Wellington’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for staff, students, and visitors. Effective from: April 2016View PDF

Holidays, Sick Leave and Leave Without Pay Policy

Procedures to inform staff about holidays and sick leave, to confirm the University’s systems and procedures for managing these types of leave. Effective from: December 2022View PDF

Intimate and Close Personal Relationships Policy

This policy establishes expected standards of behaviour governing intimate relationships between members of the University community and students. Effective from: September 2022View PDF

Meeting the Needs of Students with Impairments Policy

This policy outlines provision of support and accommodations to allow students with impairments to demonstrate their abilities, participate in university life. Effective from: October 2014View PDF

Off-Campus Activities Policy

This policy provides protocols for a safe and healthy environment for all staff members and students participating in off-campus activities. Effective from: August 2009View PDF

Position Management and Position Classification Guidelines

These guidelines provide information and guidance on the creation of positions, position management, job analysis, role descriptions and job evaluation. View PDF

Procedures for Managing Potential Conflicts of Interest

These are the procedures for managing potential conflicts of interest. Effective from: June 2011View PDF

Procedures for Recognising and Responding to Child Abuse or Neglect

These procedures set out the obligations required of the University in relation to the identification and response to suspected child abuse and neglect. View PDF

Responding to Suicidal Behaviour by Students Policy

The policy aims to identify and help students at risk of suicide, and to provide more effective intervention and support following any suicidal behaviour. Effective from: October 2014View PDF

Risk Management Policy

This policy explains the University’s underlying approach to risk and risk management. Effective from: December 2008View PDF

Safe Campus Policy

This policy outlines the University’s commitment to providing a safe, clean and hospitable environment for its community and for visitors. Effective from: March 2013View PDF

Security Management Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to outline the management of security service provision at Victoria University of Wellington. View PDF

Security Policy

This policy establishes the context within which security services are provided within the University precincts. Effective from: August 2022View PDF

Sensitive Expenditure Policy

This policy provides a framework for staff entering into and approving sensitive expenditure. View PDF

Sexual Harassment Response Policy

The purpose of this policy is to help give effect to the University’s core ethical values and promote an environment in which sexual harassment is unacceptable. Effective from: February 2020View PDF

Sexual Harassment Response Procedures

These procedures give effect to the Sexual Harassment Response Policy and apply to all disclosures or complaints made under the Policy. Effective from: February 2020View PDF

Staff Conduct Policy

This policy sets out expected standards of conduct at Victoria University of Wellington and outlines processes to be followed when these standards are not met. Effective from: September 2022View PDF

Staff Development Policy

This policy is a university-wide policy, which applies to all permanent staff members, and those employed on a fixed-term contract of greater than 12 months. View PDF

Staff Workload Policy

This policy ensures employees have an equitable, reasonable and safe workload, regularly reviewed by their manager, in consultation with the employee. View PDF

Student Feedback on Teaching and Courses Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline the processes for collecting, analysing and reporting course and teaching feedback from students. Effective from: November 2016View PDF

Student Protests Policy

This policy sets the university management’s expectations and likely responses to student protests for protesters and other members of the university community. Effective from: November 2007View PDF

Student Workload Policy

This policy ensures student workloads are equitable, supported and manageable and the course time required allows a student of average ability to obtain a pass. Effective from: October 2014View PDF

Study Assistance Guidelines for Staff Members Enrolling in Tertiary Studies

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide information about staff eligibility for study assistance, which supports the Staff Development Policy. View PDF

Travel Insurance Procedure

This procedure defines the criteria and process for the provision of travel insurance for staff, students and other authorised persons. View PDF

Travel and Expenses Policy

This policy provides the framework for university travel and guidance on the process for incurring ordinary, necessary and reasonable travel expenses. View PDF

Tutors Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure the consistency of tutoring quality at Victoria University of Wellington. View PDF

Use of Private Vehicles Policy

This policy sets out the terms and conditions that apply to the use of personal vehicles for university business. View PDF

Whistleblower Policy

This Policy's purpose is to provide guidance on making disclosures of serious wrongdoing under the Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Act 2022 Effective from: December 2022View PDF

Code of practice of pastoral care for international students

Information on the code of practice of pastoral care of international students can be found on the Ministry of Education website.