Research policies

These policies and statutes govern the conduct of research at Victoria University of Wellington.

Animal Ethics Policy

This policy ensures that the University complies with the code when using live animals for teaching and research. View PDF

Contract for Services Policy

This policy sets the procedures to determine the nature of engagement, and the subsequent relationship, between the University and its contractors. Effective from: June 2010View PDF

Dealing with Sexually-Explicit Material (SEM) Procedure

A primary focus of this procedure is to clarify steps that will be taken when SEM is imported to or made available on the University’s IT systems. Effective from: June 2009View PDF

Diving and Boating Procedure

The purpose of this Procedure is to ensure that teaching and research-related operations that involve diving and boating comply with statutory obligations. Effective from: January 2022View PDF

Doctoral Regulations: for PhD and other Doctorates with Theses

These regulations govern the admission, enrolment, registration, supervision and examination of candidates for the PhD and other doctoral degrees with theses. Effective from: March 2020View PDF

Editorial Advice Policy

This policy sets out acceptable limits to the practice of giving editorial advice on, and proof-reading of, Masters and PhD theses. Effective from: January 2016View PDF

Guideline for enrolment of international PhD students who are offshore

Guidance on the special conditions of enrolment that pertain to international doctoral students who wish to undertake a doctorate outside New Zealand. Effective from: May 2023View PDF

Guidelines on cotutelle degrees and other doctoral study overseas

Guidance on doctoral degrees where the student spends a substantial period overseas, including guidance on arrangements for cotutelle doctoral degrees. View PDF

Higher Doctorate Regulations

These regulations govern qualifications, application, admission and examination procedures and the process for awarding Higher Doctorates. Effective from: June 2019View PDF

Higher Doctorates Guidelines for Applicants and Examiners

These guidelines provide additional information about the application and examination process for a Higher Doctorate. Effective from: October 2014View PDF

Higher Doctorates Statute

see Higher Doctorate Regulations

Human Ethics Policy

This policy ensures all University research and relevant teaching activities involving human participants conform to ethical standards. Effective from: April 2018View PDF

Human Ethics Policy Guidelines

These Guidelines provide detailed information on the conduct of ethical research at the University. View PDF

Intellectual Property Policy

The purpose of this policy is to address issues related to ownership, benefit sharing and management of intellectual property. Effective from: July 2013View PDF

Management of External Research Consultancy and Related Contracts Policy

This policy deals with the organisation and administration of ERCI, the costing and pricing of research and consultancy, and the distribution of the income. Effective from: July 2013View PDF

Master's Thesis Policy

see Master’s Thesis Regulations

Master’s Thesis Regulations

This regulation states the University’s position on the enrolment, supervision, and examination of candidates for Master’s theses worth 90 points or more. Effective from: October 2021View PDF

Minimum Value of Privately Funded Prizes and Scholarships Guidelines

These guidelines set the minimum value of prizes and scholarships for the University and ensure that the value of the prize or scholarship is meaningful. Effective from: August 2009View PDF

Open Access Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist in compliance with the University's Open Access Policy. Effective from: December 2020View PDF

Open Access Policy

This policy provides details on the open dissemination of our scholarly research output—online, world-wide, and free of charge. Effective from: December 2020View PDF

Recognition of Authorship Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all contributing or participating authors receive appropriate recognition for their work. Effective from: November 2016View PDF

Research Policy

This policy sets the framework to develop and implement research policy at the University, affecting staff research obligations and graduate research support. Effective from: December 2016View PDF

Scholarships Policy - Externally Funded

This policy sets the guidelines to awarding externally funded scholarships. Effective from: July 2013View PDF

Scholarships Policy - Internally Funded

This policy sets the guidelines for awarding internally funded scholarships. Effective from: November 2021View PDF

Setting up a Postgraduate Scholarship Guidelines

This provides guidance to staff prior to setting up a new postgraduate scholarship regarding the nature of postgraduate scholarship support at the University. Effective from: March 2010View PDF

Withholding of Theses Procedures

This procedure allows a thesis to be withheld for a limited period, where harm could arise through situations such as disclosure of sensitive information. Effective from: August 2011View PDF