Library and information systems policies

These policies and statutes relate to the use of library and information services at Victoria University of Wellington.

Acceptable Use of Information Systems Statute

This statute provides a framework for use of network and information systems, including breaches of this statute, Student Conduct Statute and Conduct Policy. Effective from: November 2022View PDF

Access and Use of Victoria University of Wellington's Relationship Management Database (RMD) Policy

This policy outlines operational procedures of viewing, recording, extracting and use of information in the University’s Relationship Management Database. View PDF

Collection Development and Management Policy

This policy sets out the overarching principles and general framework which inform strategies related to the Library’s collections. Effective from: August 2022View PDF

Cyber Security Procedures

These procedures assign responsibility for ensuring that cyber security is maintained as per the Information and Records Management and Security Policy. Effective from: June 2021View PDF

Dealing with Sexually-Explicit Material (SEM) Procedure

A primary focus of this procedure is to clarify steps that will be taken when SEM is imported to or made available on the University’s IT systems. Effective from: June 2009View PDF

Environmentally Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

These guidelines provide staff with assistance to make purchasing decisions that reflect the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Effective from: October 2008View PDF

Information and Records Management and Security Policy

This policy ensures that the University’s information and records are appropriately and securely managed, and comply with legal and/or contractual obligations. Effective from: June 2021View PDF

Library Statute

This statute is for the mutual benefit of Library users to ensure every user can undertake work related to study and research without unnecessary disturbance. View PDF

Procurement Policy

This policy ensures continued accountability and robust governance, critical to the procurement functions carried out within the University. Effective from: November 2008View PDF

Records and Information Management Procedures

These procedures outline requirements for the management of information and records as per the Information and Records Management and Security Policy. Effective from: June 2021View PDF

Software Licensing Policy

This policy is to define roles and responsibilities on the licensing of software within Victoria University of Wellington. Effective from: September 2008View PDF

Web Publishing Policy (out for review)

The policy outlines standards for content publishers and owners when publishing material online. Effective from: October 2007View PDF