Finance policies

Finance policies relate to the financial governance and management at Victoria University of Wellington.

Academic Leave Allowances Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out the rules that apply to the expenditure of academic leave allowances. Effective from: February 2023View PDF

Asset Management Procedure

This procedure ensures capital expenditure is planned, evaluated, authorised, implemented, monitored and reported in a systematic manner. Effective from: October 2020View PDF

Cash Handling Procedure

This procedure ensures consistency of cash handling practices across the University. View PDF

Contract for Services Policy

This policy sets the procedures to determine the nature of engagement, and the subsequent relationship, between the University and its contractors. Effective from: June 2010View PDF

Delegations Statute

This Statute sets out delegations and provides the basis for, and the limits on, the exercise of all Delegated Authority at Victoria University of Wellington. Effective from: April 2023View PDF

Environmentally Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

These guidelines provide staff with assistance to make purchasing decisions that reflect the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Effective from: October 2008View PDF

Fees Policy

This policy establishes the basis for fee charging and related policies at Victoria University of Wellington. Effective from: February 2023View PDF

Fees Schedule 2023

This schedule shows the fees at Victoria University of Wellington for 2023 academic year, unless otherwise stated. Effective from: February 2023View PDF

Financial Delegated Authorities Policy

see Delegations Statute

Financial Delegated Authorities Statute

see Delegations Statute

Fraud Policy

This policy addresses the risk of fraud and outlines the actions the University will take when any suspected fraud is reported or discovered. View PDF

Gift and Koha Policy

This policy provides a framework for staff around the giving and receiving of gifts and koha on behalf of the University. View PDF

Insurance Deductible and Additional Cost Recharge Policy

This policy ensures that insurance deductibles are correctly accounted for and attributed to the School or Central Service Unit (CSU). View PDF

Procurement Policy

This policy ensures continued accountability and robust governance, critical to the procurement functions carried out within the University. Effective from: November 2008View PDF

Sensitive Expenditure Policy

This policy provides a framework for staff entering into and approving sensitive expenditure. View PDF

Travel Insurance Procedure

This procedure defines the criteria and process for the provision of travel insurance for staff, students and other authorised persons. View PDF

Travel and Expenses Policy

This policy provides the framework for university travel and guidance on the process for incurring ordinary, necessary and reasonable travel expenses. View PDF

Treasury Statute

This statute provides a framework within which Victoria University of Wellington can effectively manage and safeguard its financial resources. Effective from: December 2013View PDF

Use of Private Vehicles Policy

This policy sets out the terms and conditions that apply to the use of personal vehicles for university business. View PDF

Purchasing Card Guidelines

The university Purchasing Card (PCard) Guidelines can be found on the Finance intranet site (staff only).