Academic Office

The Academic Office supports faculties, schools and services to maintain excellence in learning and teaching.

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Victoria University of Wellington is committed to providing a holistic learning, teaching and student experience that is second to none. Its research-enriched learning culture aims to be characterised by professional course and programme design that fosters a high level of student engagement.

The Academic Office reports to the Vice-Provost (Academic) along with Student Academic Services. This unit supports faculties and schools to create a platform for academic success.

Academic Quality Assurance

The Academic Office leads the development and implementation of the policies and processes necessary for a comprehensive quality framework in learning and teaching at Victoria University of Wellington.

Academic quality audit

The Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities (AQA) conducts audits on a five yearly cycle. We manage the academic audits for the University.

Contact: Claire Williams

Academic statutes and policies

We coordinate the development, approval and review of the statutes and policies that support quality academic processes and outcomes.

Contact: Jenny Christie

Assessment policy and procedures

We oversee the Assessment Handbook that sets out the responsibilities for the design, implementation, and monitoring of assessment in all credit-bearing taught courses offered by the University.

Contact: Jenny Christie

Course and qualification approvals

We manage the approval processes for proposals on new or amended courses and qualifications.

We oversee the Academic Approvals Handbook that guides academic and administrative staff on the preparation and submission of academic proposals.

Contact: Linda Roberts

Graduating Year Reviews

We are responsible for undertaking the graduating year reviews on the quality of new qualifications or majors, to ensure that new qualifications have run effectively for their first cohorts.

Contact: Edward Schofield


We manage the student academic grievance process.

Contact: Sue Walbran

Programme reviews

We manage internal academic programme reviews on the quality of learning and teaching in each discipline on a seven year cycle.

Contact: Edward Schofield

Victoria University of Wellington Calendar

We produce this publication on statutes, policies, courses of study and general University information annually.

Contact: Linda Roberts


We also undertake a range of projects to enable the University to implement the learning and teaching aspects of the new Strategic Plan and to improve academic quality processes.

Committee support

The Academic Office supports committees that ensure the quality of learning and teaching at Victoria University of Wellington.

Contact: Claire Williams