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Find online resources to help you learn and practise German.

Coursebook companion websites│Begleitwebseiten zu den Lehrbüchern

These websites offer additional dowloadable and online material for coursebooks used in Victoria University's German courses.

Motive A1-B1 audio
Downloadable audio files for the Motive coursebook series for GERM101,102 and 201.

Motive A1 exercises 
A variety of online exercises corresponding to each lesson in the course book.

Em Neu Hauptkurs
For GERM301/302 course materials. Access interactive grammar exercises and thematic links for each chapter.

Language learning hubs│ Sprachlernportale

These websites offer a large variety of language learning material across all skills and all levels of difficulty.

Goethe Institut
A rich resource for both language learning and cultural immersion. A video series, LifeSwap, is an exploration of some interesting cultural differences between Germany and New Zealand.

Deutsche Welle
World broadcasting service of Germany. Simply the best, watch, listen, read or learn German.Interaktive and Radio D are two of Deutsche Welle's free interactive courses.

BBC Languages German
Includes online courses for beginners and Talk German, quizzes, grammar, cultural information, and so much more! Plus lots for intermediate learners too.


Listen to how native speakers talk in unprepared, everyday situations including colloquial language, filler words, incomplete sentences speakers not completing their sentences etc. It is authentic and really gives you a feel for the country in which the speaker comes from.

Deutsch perfekt Online
Find the hard copy monthly magazines in the LLC's Self-Access Library.
Listen to live streaming radio from Germany, including a wide range of music and talkback stations.

Deutsche Welle - 
Learn German with Deutsche Welle, or click here for the page in English. Listen and read the news simultaneously, consult the glossary if you need help, and try out Deutsch
A radio station direct from Berlin.

Euronews auf Deutsch
Play clips of the latest international news in German, also with the German transcript below.

German podcasts
Lots of free podcasts for practising your German.

Mission Berlin
Have fun learning German by completing dangerous missions in this online, time-travelling game! Also with transcripts, exercises, games and cultural information, etc.
Offers 500 literary works with sound to download for free (mp3).

German fairy tales
Each fairy tale is narrated in German and is between 5 and 15 minutes long in duration. A good listening resource for adults and children alike.


Earworms Volume 1
200+ essential words and phrases that will get anchored into your long-term memory through music. Highly recommended for pronunciation and speaking practice. Volume 2 adds another 200+ words and phrases. These hyperlinks link to the accompanying PDFs. To borrow the audio CD(s) come and visit the LLC's Self-access Library.


The websites below present authentic, ungraded German text - they are suitable for more advanced students.

Spiegel Online
Current articles from the biggest German magazine

Die Welt
News about Germany, international and economy related topics.
A collaboration between Süddeutschen Zeitung and Goethe Institut Inter Nationes with several exercises including video and reading.
Provides information in text, image, audio and video, as well as comprehensive reports and background on current topics.


German Verb Conjugation Activities
Revise your knowledge in 'flashcard' mode and then test yourself in 'graded practice' mode.


Simsalabim Phonetik Online
Systematic and fun practice of all aspects of German pronunciation, with audio and video.


Leo Online Dictionary
Find words and collocations with this useful online dictionary.

Tu Chemnitz Dictionary
A simple dictionary based on a wordlist of approximately 150,000 entries.

German Wikipedia
A free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, with a range of articles about almost anything.

Konkordanzer-Corpus Deutsch
A valuable tool for writing, vocabulary building and finding collocations from German texts. This free concordancer accesses a corpora of 1 million words.

Pick a topic from the list, and then simultaneously hear the vocabulary when you roll the mouse over the pictures. Great section for grammar too. A fun way to build your vocabulary, or revise.