Current postgraduate students

Find out about current postgraduate students' research at the School of Languages and Cultures.

A profile image of Anna Gubinskaya.

Anna Gubinskaya

Anna Gubinskaya is studying translations of medieval Japanese Literature.

Ashleigh McFall

Ashleigh McFall

Ashleigh McFall is researching what it means to be fa‘afafine from the perspectives of those who identify this way.

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Christabel Marshall

Christabel Marshall is exploring Ovid and Intersectionality.

Courtney McDonald

Courtney McDonald is exploring the translation of the transcultural poet Manfred Winkler, specifically delving into the aspect of gentleness as expression.

Jana Loorparg (née Grohnert)

Jana Loorparg (née Grohnert) is researching on literary translation into English as a second language.

A profile image of Johannes Contag.

Johannes Contag

Johannes Contag is creating an annotated retranslation of the stories of Heinrich von Kleist with a focus on syntactic complexity.

Junrui Lai

Junrui Lai will investigate the role of translation in constructing Chinese queer identities.

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Li Zhang

Li Zhang will be researching a case study of an English translation of Strange Tales from Liaozhai (Liaozhai Zhiyi).

A profile image of Lita Lyu.

Lita Lyu

Lita Lyu is investigating film adaptation from a gendered perspective and decoding gender roles and gender relations.

Lynne Bulloch

Lynne Bulloch is analysing the historical novel L’architettrice by the contemporary Italian author Melania Mazzucco.

A profile image of Manuia Heinrich-Sue.

Manuia Heinrich Sue

Manuia Heinrich Sue's research will focus on multilingualism in Polynesian literature through the study of Tahitian author Célestine Vaite's three novels.

Mariama Diallo

Mariama Diallo

Mariama Diallo is exploring the translative oeuvre of the German-language poet Paul Celan and his work in translation.

Mariel Lettier

Mariel Lettier

Mariel Lettier is researching the translation of young adult literature from Spanish into English.

Mauricio Lopez Langenbach

Mauricio López Langenbach

Mauricio López Langenbach is exploring Walter Benjamin's theories of translation and language.

A profile image of Min Liu.

Min Liu

Min Liu is exploring Rewriting as Reception, Reception as Rewriting: Lin Yutang’s Famous Chinese Short Stories.

PhD candidate Nastaran Arjomandi facing camera with bookcase in background.

Nastaran Arjomandi

Nastaran Arjomandi is engaging with paratext, and the book cover as forms of intersemiotic translation.

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Nate Rigler

Nate Rigler’s research project guides readers through complex worlds in which Coconut oil holds different forms of spiritual, cultural and social capital.

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Noha Alghamdi

Noha Alghamdi is researching the challenges of translating contemporary social media poetry into Arabic, using Rupi Kaur as a case study.

Paddy Twigg

Paddy Twigg is studying and translating works by Italian writer Italo Calvino.

Patricia Ramsay

Patricia Ramsay is analysing twenty-seven selected short stories of the fin de siècle Spanish writer Emilia Pardo Bazán.

A profile image of Roger Smith.

Roger Smith

Roger Smith is researching German poetry of the First World War, specifically Julius Bab’s anthology of First World War German poetry.

A profile image of Sian Robyns.

Sian Robyns

Sian Robyns is exploring the use of annotation as a means of communicating the translation process and the role of the translator as writer/interpreter.

Yiwen Xu

Yiwen Xu is researching gender, identity, and media practice in contemporary China, particularly focusing on gender antagonism on social media.

Yuki Minami

Yuki Gabriella Minami

Yuki Gabriella Minami is studying the role of Zainichi and their depiction in images during the Korean War through Japanese and Korean media and literarature.