Ziming Liu

Ziming Liu was working on memory in the aftermath of the Athenian Amnesty.


BA in Classics, History, Political Science

BA (Hons) First Class in Classics

MA in Classics


After completing her undergraduate degree majoring in Classics, History, and Political Science with a minor in English, Ziming could not resist the siren song of the ancient world. This led her to pursue an Honours degree in Classics, which she was awarded in 2018. She then received a Victoria Master’s by Thesis scholarship, and is currently writing the aforementioned thesis. As a reflection of her interdisciplinary background, Ziming is interested in theoretical approaches to Classics, particularly in the realm of Classical Reception. Her Honours thesis examined the use of Greek iconography and literature in the context of postcolonial New Zealand, and she has worked on memory in the aftermath of the Athenian Amnesty.


Senior Lecturer
School of Languages and Cultures