Luc Arnault

Luc Arnault researched loyalty, balance, and creativity in the translation of New Zealand poetry into French.

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MA in Literary Translation, Victoria University of Wellington
Licence L.L.C.E, Université Bordeaux III
PhD in Literary Translation Studies, Victoria University of Wellington


Luc Arnault has completed a PhD in Literary Translation Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He holds an MA in Literary Translation from the same institution. His research has centred on the field of poetry translation. He has previously worked on the translation of New Zealand poet James K. Baxter as well as the works of two contemporary poets, Anna Jackson and Robert Sullivan into French. He has also published translations of various academic papers and has worked on a project involving the re-translation of some of Katherine Mansfield’s short stories.


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Arnault, Luc. “Traduire la poésie néo-zélandaise contemporaine en français. Vers une traduction polyphonique ?” Présences du traducteur, Classiques Garnier (forthcoming, under contract).

Arnault, Luc. “Translating New Zealand Poetry into French: Anna Jackson’s Poetry as a Case Study.” The AALITRA Review: A Journal of Literary Translation, 13 (2018): 6-20.

Arnault, Luc. (Translation) Dinda Gorlée, “De la traduction à la sémiotraduction,” Traduire : signes, textes, pratiques. Signata. Annales des Sémiotiques. 7, Presses Universitaires de Liège (2016): 57-69.