Fahim Afarinasadi

Fahim Afarinasadi helped advance multi-modal, cross-cultural translation with a case study in localising football club websites.

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Bachelor of Arts in English Translation, Islamic Azad University – Central Branch
Master of Arts in English Translation, Islamic Azad University – South Tehran Branch
Doctor of Philosophy in Literary Translation, Victoria University of Wellington - New Zealand


Fahim Afarinasadi has completed his PhD in Literary Translation Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Fahim’s PhD investigates the cross-cultural competency and translation quality of leading football clubs’ websites, adding to the existing literature on website localization, inter-cultural communication, multimodality, and translation quality assessment. The investigation highlights the linguistic and cultural complexity that underscores website content that has been localized, as well as the set of intellectual and technical skills involved in this form of translation. Based on the data emerging from different analytical phases of the research, he has generated a set of theoretical principles and practical guidelines that can help translation scholars and website localizers acquire a deeper understanding of the relevance of translation quality and cross-cultural competence. He then applied these localization guidelines to a case study of his own, the translation of a local football team's website into Persian.


School of Languages and Cultures

Senior Lecturer in German
School of Languages and Cultures


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