Mengying Jiang

Mengying Jiang researched English translations of contemporary Chinese women writers.

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PhD, Victoria University of Wellington
MA, University of Leicester
MA, Shanghai International Studies University
BA, South-Central University for Nationalities


Mengying Jiang started her research with an interest in translating contemporary Chinese literature into English. Her PhD thesis discussed the translation of contemporary Chinese women writers within a combined sociological and gendered framework. During her studies she expanded her knowledge of translation studies by looking into intersections of gender, popular culture, multimodality, and translation.


School of Languages and Cultures

Senior Lecturer in Italian

School of Languages and Cultures

Senior Lecturer · Director of Asian Languages and Cultures
School of Languages and Cultures


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Mengying Jiang. Female Voices in Translation: An Interrogation of the Dynamic Translation Decade for Contemporary Chinese Women Writers 1980-1991, The Translator, 2019, 25(1), 1-12.

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Mengying Jiang and Huijun Sun. 符际翻译与后翻译研究视角下的中国当代文学对外传播——从《妻妾成群》到《大红灯笼高高挂》 (Transmission of Contemporary Chinese Literature under the Perspective of Intersemiotic Translation and Post-Translation Studies——From Wives and Concubines to Raise the Red Lantern) 外语教学 (Foreign Language Education), 2018(5), 90-94.

Mengying Jiang and Baorong Wang. 试论英语世界当代中国小说翻译场域的历史演变 (On the Dynamics of the Field of English Translations of Contemporary Chinese Fiction in the Anglophone World) 外国语文研究 (Foreign Language and Literature Research), 2018(3), 102-111.

Mengying Jiang. 资本、场域与文学神圣化——残雪小说在美国的译介研究(Capital, Field and Literary Consecration——Translation of Can Xue’s Works in America), 山东外语教学 (Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal), 2017(5), 96-103.

Yun Wu and Mengying Jiang. 中国当代小说对外传播模式研究——以残雪小说译介为个案 (On the Translation and Communication Model of Chinese Contemporary Literature Going Global—Translation and Reception of Can Xue’s Novels in the U.S. as an Example), 外语教学 (Foreign Language Education), 2015(6), 104-108.