Past postgraduate students

Discover our postgraduate students' completed research projects and published research.

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Alessandra Giorgioni

Alessandra Giorgioni explored the theories and practices of literary translation as collaborative creative writing.

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Anna Gubinskaya

Anna Gubinskaya studied translations of medieval Japanese Literature.

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Claudia Jardine

Claudia Jardine studied Anna Komnene and the author of the Alexiad: double consciousness and the construction of the authorial persona.

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Dana Guisasola

Dana analysed the representation of the Catalan nation in three novels by the Catalan writer Juan Marsé.

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Eilish Draper

Eilish Draper used inscriptions to examine the interaction between mythological evidence and Gaia’s presence in Greek cult.

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Eleonora Bello

Eleonora Bello studied the relationship between cultural perceptions of mental disorders and psychiatric experiences. 

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Emma Powell

Emma Powell explored ‘akapapa’anga—the Cook Islands Māori practice of genealogy making.

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Fahim Afarinasadi

Fahim Afarinasadi helped advance multi-modal, cross-cultural translation with a case study in localising football club websites.

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Francesca Benocci

Francesca Benocci produced an annotated anthology of contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand women poets translated into Italian.

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Jess Marinaccio

Jessica Marinaccio’s research focused on Tuvalu–Taiwan cultural diplomacy through performance.

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Johannes Contag

Johannes Contag created an annotated retranslation of the stories of Heinrich von Kleist with a focus on syntactic complexity.

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Lehyla Heward

Lehyla Heward researched Chinese and Korean intellectual history in Manchuria of the 1930s.

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Lita Lyu

Lita Lyu investigated film adaptation from a gendered perspective and decoded gender roles and gender relations.

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Luc Arnault

Luc Arnault researched loyalty, balance, and creativity in the translation of New Zealand poetry into French.

Lynne Bulloch

Lynne Bulloch analysed the historical novel L’architettrice by the contemporary Italian author Melania Mazzucco.

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Manuia Heinrich Sue

Manuia Heinrich Sue's research focussed on multilingualism in Polynesian literature through the study of Tahitian author Célestine Vaite's three novels.

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Mengying Jiang

Mengying Jiang researched English translations of contemporary Chinese women writers.

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Mohsen Kafi

Mohsen Kafi explored the promotion and reception of translated fiction in New Zealand.

Nancy Marquez

Nancy Marquez presented annotated translations of early 17th century letters composed in colonial Mexico.

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Nastaran Arjomandi

Nastaran Arjomandi's work engaged with paratext, and the book cover as forms of intersemiotic translation.

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Nate Rigler

Nate Rigler’s research project guides readers through complex worlds in which Coconut oil holds different forms of spiritual, cultural and social capital.

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Rory McKenzie

Rory McKenzie explored the challenges of subtitling humour using Fantozzi (1975) as a case study.

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Sarah Mahalli

Sarah Mahalli researched Andean visual culture and counterhegemony in the works of Peruvian writer and anthropologist José María Arguedas.

Patricia Ramsay

Patricia Ramsay is analysing twenty-seven selected short stories of the fin de siècle Spanish writer Emilia Pardo Bazán.

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Sian Robyns

Sian Robyns explored the use of annotation as a means of communicating the translation process and the role of the translator as writer/interpreter.

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Setor Novieto

Setor Novieto researched the theoretical and conceptual issues of Cuban and Ghanaian post-colonial literature.

Vinko Kerr-Harris

Vinko Kerr-Harris examined the impact of cultural exchange between Bronze Age Crete and Pharaonic Egypt upon the development of elite culture in Minoan society.

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Ziming Liu

Ziming Liu worked on memory in the aftermath of the Athenian Amnesty.