Nancy Marquez

Nancy Marquez presented annotated translations of early 17th century letters composed in colonial Mexico.


2017 PhD History, Victoria University of Wellington

2004 MA Spanish and Latin American Literatures & Languages, University of Notre Dame

2001 BA Classics and Medieval Studies, Stanford University


Nancy's thesis is an annotated translation of seventeenth century letters composed in early colonial Mexico and posted to Europe by the novohispano Alexandro Favián. An active reader of the German Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher’s encyclopaedic works about scientific curiosities, Favián wrote eleven letters totalling over one hundred handwritten pages between 1661 and 1672; Nancy's annotated translation includes eight of them in their entirety. This project makes three significant contributions. First, she examined how fluid positionality within a metropole-periphery dynamic was leveraged by colonial writers to negotiate the exchange of scientific ideas and objects with other figures more centrally situated. Second, she offered a case study of reader reception for Kircher’s prolific output. Finally, Nancy made a seventeenth-century colonial author’s words available in English with a scholarly apparatus for the first time.

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