Psychology bite sized for you

Watch the videos from for this series of online webinars, covering topics from conspiracy theories to childhood anxiety and gender discrimination.

Did you sometimes think it would be good to know a bit more about human behaviour? Would it be helpful to learn from experts in the field about how conspiracy theories work, what you can take from brain science findings, what anxiety in children looks like, or how you can reduce gender discrimination in the work place?

The Spring Talk Series brings psychology bite-sized to you, with up-to-date information about psychological phenomena that matter in your professional (and personal) life.

Each session features a 40 minute talk with 20 minutes at the end for questions and answers, facilitated by Associate Professor Hedwig Eisenbarth.

Watch the recordings to learn more about the psychology of humans and to ask questions you might have.

Conspiracy theories in the time of a pandemic

Marc Wilson

Neuroscience versus Neurobabble: A road map for evaluating brain science claims

Carolyn Wilshire

What do you need to know about anxiety in children

Dougal Sutherland

What you need to know about gender-discrimination at the workplace

Matt Hammond