Occupying 'in-hospitable' spaces

Professor Karen McBride-Henry discusses her research into the experiences of parents of children repeatedly hospitalised with acute respiratory infections.

Accessing health care can be challenging for children and their families, especially during acute illness episodes. Professor Karen McBride-Henry discusses her research exploring the experience of parents with children under two years of age who have been repeatedly admitted to hospital with acute respiratory infections. Parents describe hospitals as ‘in-hospitable’ and share the broader social impacts of repeated hospitalisations on their families.

Through her lecture, Professor McBride-Henry reflects on the policy and healthcare implications of her research into families managing recurring respiratory illness with repeated hospitalisation for their young children.

Three gown-wearing academics in front of a multi-paned window in the Hunter building, from left to right Ehsan Mesbahi, Karen McBride-Henry, and Jennifer Windsor
Inaugural lecture (left to right): Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculties of Science, Health, Engineering, Architecture and Design Innovation Professor Ehsan Mesbahi, Professor Karen McBride-Henry, and Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Jennifer Windsor.

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