We offer undergraduate Creative Writing (CREW) courses in a wide range of genres, in specific trimesters each year.

Each of the course titles below link to a summary and teaching plan, timetable and fee details in the University's online Course Finder. We have also included a course flier for you to download detailed information about a particular workshop and convenor.

Trimester One 2021

Trimester Two 2021

Trimester Three 2021

These courses will be held in Jan/Feb 2022, but are considered part of the 2021 academic year.

Student levy reductions

Current tuition fees are displayed on individual course information pages. Levies are charged in addition to tuition fees.

To calculate your total fees, use the Fees Calculator on individual course pages, or contact Victoria's Financial Support and Advice staff.

Students studying less than 25 points or enrolled only in Trimester Three may be entitled to a significant reduction in their student levies. Contact for more information.