Māori name – Te Pūtahi Tuhi Auaha o te Ao


Te = the

Pūtahi = is a commonly used term for 'Institute', but the traditional concept it stems from is 'to join, meet, as two paths or streams'. Tahi is the māori word for 'one', so 'joining as one'.

A second meaning of Pūtahi is 'long clouds, strata', suggesting a link to Aotearoa (New Zealand), the 'land of the long white cloud'.

Tuhi = Writing

Auaha = now used for imaginative, or creative. This word's original meaning is 'to shape, create, form, fashion' and 'to leap, throb, thrill with passion'.

o te Ao = literally, of the world - used to denote International


a as in 'car'

e as in 'egg'

i as in 'sea'

o as in 'paw'

u as in 'shoe'

The effect of a macron over a vowel (as in Pūtahi) is to slightly lengthen the vowel sound.