Study Abroad and Exchange restrictions

Most courses are available to Study Abroad and Exchange students, but some are restricted, have limited entry, or have earlier application deadlines.

This page provides information in addition to what is available in the course description. To search for courses, and for information on how to understand course codes and titles at Victoria University of Wellington, see the Course Finder.

Study Abroad and Exchange students are unable to study online-based or distance learning courses.

Contact the international team for help choosing your courses.

Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation


DSDN171, DSDN101, DSDN111, DSDN172, ANFX201, ANFX301, ANFX390, COMD201, COMD390, SIDN272, SIDN321, SIDN390, FADN201, FADN202, FADN301, FADN390, GAME201, GAME203, GAME301, GAME390, INDN211, INDN390, IXXN201, IXXN202, IXXN311, IXXN390, MDDN390

Additional requirements:

  • 200-level and higher Architecture and Design Innovation courses may require a portfolio if it is unclear if you previous work aligns to our pre-requisites courses.

Portfolio  guidelines:

  1. Your portfolio should include drawings and work that best represent your strengths. These can be technical drawings, design work, sketches, artistic pieces, photographs, photographs of models, etc.
  2. Your portfolio should show your research and design process in addition to your final design outputs.
  3. Remember quality, not quantity. You should submit a variety of work, preferably no more than 10 pieces.
  4. Take care with the layout and presentation of your portfolio—this will demonstrate your creative and organisational skills.
  5. If you are sending work you have done for an employer, please state what your role in the project was (e.g. design, drawing, project management).
  6. We prefer to accept portfolios via web-link or PDF.

Wellington Faculty of Education

Restricted: All Teaching (TCHG) and Master of Secondary School Leadership (MSSL) courses

Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Restricted: GLBL101 is not available. FHSS 302 is open to Study Abroad students, it is currently not available to Exchange students.

Additional requirements:

Early deadlines apply for courses with auditions, CREW courses, and limited entry FILM and THEA courses.

Creative Writing (CREW)

All CREW courses require the following:

5–10 page writing sample in the genre of the course you are applying for. Read more about writing samples and cover letters from the International Institute of Modern Letters.

Early application deadline: The deadline for CREW courses varies depending on the trimester they are offered. Find more information about application deadlines.

FHSS Internship

FHSS 302 Internship is not available to exchange students and is a limited entry course. Study abroad students can study this course.

Students interested in the FHSS 302 Internship course must meet the Prerequisites and will need to submit a Statement of Intent to for Trimester Two by 1 May and for Trimester Three by 1 September.

The Statement of Intent should contain the following information:

  • Why are you applying for the course?
  • What do you hope to gain from this experience?
  • What skills and strengths will you bring to your internship placement?
  • What type of organisation would you prefer to be placed in? (private sector, public sector, NGO, no preference)

In order to be eligible for selection into the internship, students will also need to attend an interview and provide a CV. The Internships Coordinator will be in touch to arrange a time for your interview.

For more information on the application process and entry requirements, see the FHSS Internship website.


The following courses require an additional information form:

Early application deadline: Students applying for limited entry FILM and THEA courses in Trimester 1 and/or 2 must apply by the 1 December deadline (the year prior to enrolment).


All Language courses require you to meet with the Course Coordinator upon arrival to confirm your language level and ability is appropriate for the course(s) you are applying for.

Music, Composition, Performance

All 200-level and higher Composition (CMPO) courses require three composition samples. Except for PERF 250, PERF 251, PERF 351, all 200-level and higher Performance (PERF) courses require an audition. Read more about auditions from the New Zealand School of Music.

MUSC 166, CMPO 101, COMP 130 require completion of Grade 5 Music Theory (Trinity, ABRSM, or AMEB), or an equivalent music theory qualification.

Auditions: If performance will be part of your studies, you will need to pass an audition as part of the application process. Find more information about audition deadlines.

Social and Cultural Studies

The following courses are not available for study abroad and exchange students as they have limited enrolment places:

  • SACS 428 Internship
  • CRIM 324 Sexual violence


The following courses require an Additional Information Form pdf278KB:

  • THEA 301
  • THEA 308

Early application deadline: Students applying for limited entry FILM and THEA courses in Trimester 1 and/or 2 must apply by the 1 December deadline (the year prior to enrolment).

Wellington Faculty of Law

Restricted: All 200- and 500-level Law (LAWS) courses, and the following courses: LAWS 122, LAWS 123, LAWS 301, LAWS 312, LAWS 389.

Limited spaces: All 400-level LAWS courses are in high demand, and as such Study Abroad and Exchange students may only enrol in one 400-level LAWS course per trimester.

Wellington Faculty of Science

Restricted: BIOL 370, BIOL 424, DATA 351.

Additional requirements: All students must enrol in GEOG 324 prior to enrolling in GEOG 325. GEOG 325 is not available for Study Abroad and Exchange students who are studying at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington for one trimester only.

Wellington School of Business and Government

Restricted: MARK 430. All 400-level courses are assessed on an individual basis for entry into the programme. All courses part of the MBUA programme, except MBUA 512 which can be accepted on a space-conditional basis.

Wellington Faculty of Health

Restricted: HLWB 302 is currently not available to Exchange or Study Aboard students. All Midwifery (MIDW) and Nursing (NURS) courses are also restricted.