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US citizens and eligible non-citizens must meet these criteria to qualify for US Federal Aid. Find out whether you are eligible.

To be eligible for a US Federal Student Aid loan, you must:

  • be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • complete and meet all the application criteria
  • remain enrolled and studying on campus
  • have a valid social security number
  • not be in default on any federal loan requirements
  • comply with Selective Service Registration if you’re male and aged 18 to 25
  • not have a drug conviction that renders you ineligible to receive loans
  • be enrolled at least half time (30 points in Trimester 1 and 2, 15 points in Trimester 3) in courses related directly to your study programme (Immigration New Zealand requires student visa holders to be enrolled in a full-time course)
  • not be enrolled in any online courses as part of your study programme
  • not be enrolled in a graduate diploma or postgraduate diploma programme.

If you are eligible, consider the types of available loans, then apply for US Federal Student Aid. If you are ineligible, you could apply for a private loan or veterans financial aid.

Programme eligibility

The following programmes are eligible for US Federal Student Aid at Victoria University of Wellington:

Postgraduate diplomas, graduate diplomas, and certificates are not eligible to receive Direct Loans. In addition to this Bachelor degree, Master's and Doctoral degree programmes that include an internship component are also not eligible to receive Direct Loans.

If a student changes their programme to an ineligible qualification after Direct Loans have been approved, the loan will be cancelled, and the student will have to finance their study through a private loan or other private funding.

Application criteria

You must complete all steps in the application process to be considered for a loan.

Direct Loans for US Study Abroad and exchange students

As a foreign institution, Victoria University of Wellington is not authorised to certify student loans or deferments for US students who plan to attend this university for a trimester or for a full-year Study Abroad or exchange experience.

The financial administrator at Victoria University of Wellington will complete a consortium agreement with your home university, so the financial aid office at your home university can process your financial aid application.

Contact for more information.