If performance will be part of your studies you will need to pass an audition as part of the application process.

Audition process

There are three parts to your audition. The first is to provide relevant background about your audition request by completing the online form (domestic students only). Next, you will submit your audition recording and other documents. Finally, applicants assessed as suitable applicants will attend an interview, by video conference. Late applications are accepted subject to availability of places.

All auditions are to be submitted as a recording. See the recorded audition guidelines. Music Therapy applicants have additional Music Therapy audition guidelines.

Late auditions: Late auditions are subject to availability of places and the due date is negotiated between yourself and the School. To arrange a late audition, contact

Two-stage Audition Process - 2025 auditions

For 2025, the NZSM have implemented a two-stage process for our auditionees.

The first stage of this is a successful audition and the second is selection from the pool of successful auditionees depending on available places.

All auditionees will be advised of their audition outcome in due course.

Successful auditionees will be advised of the selection pool outcome before 15 December.

Audition dates for Trimester 2, 2024

  • 20 May: audition application submitted
  • 27 May: audition recording and other documents uploaded.

Audition dates for Trimester 1, 2025

Jazz and Classical Performance:

Most applicants audition in one of these audition rounds, but you may apply to audition after these dates.

Round 1:

  • 22 July: audition application submitted
  • 29 July: audition recording and document uploads due
  • 19–30  August 2024: first audition round video conference interviews.

Round 2:

  • 9 September: audition application submitted
  • 16 September: audition recording and document uploads due
  • 14–7 November 2024: second audition round video conference interviews.

Music Therapy:

  • 22 July: audition application submitted
  • 19 August: audition recording and document uploads due
  • Mid-September and early October: interviews and referee checks.

International students

International students should contact Wellington University International. Your audition will be arranged with them. To ensure to your recorded audition meets requirements see information below and recorded audition guidelines


For more information about auditions, contact