Build your future

In addition to subject area expertise, gain real-world skills, confidence, and knowledge to build your future of choice at Victoria University of Wellington.

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Full-time employment


Full-time study


Part-time employment and/or part-time study

Transferable work skills

Our degrees and programmes are designed to teach you valuable work and life skills such as problem-solving, critical-thinking, teamwork, and communication.

Real-world experience

Explore your degree or programme to see what opportunities it provides.

  • Take an internship, work placement, or project that connects you to employers.
  • Develop an understanding of your industry and form professional connections within your chosen field.
The WFHSS Internship was a way to show my abilities and grow as an employee. I don’t think I could have picked a better university for what I want to achieve.
Arts student Jesse Peebles with Wellington in background

Jesse Peebles,

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations

Explore the WFHSS Internship

Global perspective

Studying in New Zealand will broaden your perspective on global issues, cultural diversity, and social change. You will connect with students from all over the world in an inclusive and university community, and benefit from:

  • our strong global outlook—nearly 50 percent of our academic staff are from overseas and the University continually seeks to strengthen its global partnerships
  • our Wellington Global Exchange student exchange programme—travel and study overseas, then credit your overseas study back to your Victoria University of Wellington degree
  • our programmes that focus on global issues and provide international field trips and internships.

Leadership opportunities

Take advantage of the University’s free leadership and mentoring programmes, which can be tailored to suit your interests and ambitions:

  • The Wellington International Leadership Programme (WILP) is designed to develop your leadership potential, advance your intercultural knowledge, and build your effectiveness as a global citizen. It will also provide you with local and international contacts and experiences that can help you build your career.
  • Wellington Plus gives you leadership, social responsibility, and employability skills through volunteering. You will make connections with other students, employers, and people in the not-for-profit sector across Wellington.
  • Alumni as Mentors will match you with an alumni (graduate) of the University to provide you with career-focused mentoring and advice. It is offered online or in person, with mentors based either in Wellington or around the world.
My degree is shaping my future in a field that opens doors for critical thinking and problem solving. It prepares me to tackle any obstacle and challenge I face along my career path.
New Zealand Scholarship student Meleteukialupe Soakai

Meleteukialupe Soakai (Tonga),

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Software Engineering

Professional career advice and guidance

Victoria University of Wellington provides services and expert staff who can help you prepare for your career.

Get career advice

Our Careers and Employment service can give you advice to help you plan your next career step, including workshops on CV preparation and interview skills for non-native English speakers.

The University runs four main careers expos for students each year, plus around 60 employer presentations from industry, business, and government organisations.

Research your job prospects

Whether you want to build your career in New Zealand or back home, an international education will give you skills that are an advantage in any work environment.

Explore your job prospects in New Zealand:

Working in Wellington

New Zealand’s work rights for international students are among the best in the world. You can gain experience and skills working in New Zealand during and after your studies.

Wellington is a great place to work—the New Zealand Government is a large employer and the city has the highest median income in New Zealand. The New Zealand unemployment rate is currently the 6th lowest in the world (OECD 2021 Unemployment rate indicator).