Finding a good place to live will help you have a great international study experience. Research your options and organise your accommodation early.

The University can provide you with safe, comfortable, and convenient accommodation. Once you have settled into your new home, you can relax and enjoy living in Wellington.

University accommodation

Most of the University’s halls of residence are like apartment buildings—they house many students, usually in single or double rooms. Some halls are standalone houses that you share with a group of other students.

Benefits include:

  • a safe and secure environment
  • an easy way to make new friends
  • options where meals are provided
  • walking distance (5–20 minutes) to campus from most halls
  • fun organised activities within or between halls
  • on-site support from senior students or staff in most halls.

There is a range of halls to choose from. We recommend:

  • a catered hall (where meals are provided) for first-year and younger students
  • a self-catered hall (where you cook your own meals) for senior, Study Abroad, and exchange students.

You can also choose a hall with women-only floors or bans on alcohol. If you have any dietary requirements based on your culture or religion, your hall will do its best to meet these.

Take a virtual tour of some of our halls.

Choosing your accommodation

Consider what is important to you. It might be budget, how close accommodation is to your campus, or how you like to live—with a large community of students, on your own, or with family. You might want to prepare your own meals or have your meals provided.

There is an accommodation option to suit most budgets and lifestyles.

Use of hall finder tool to explore which of our accommodation options might work for you

Learn more about our different accommodation options below.

If you are a Study Abroad or exchange student, we recommend you apply for a University hall of residence. Other accommodation can be hard to secure for only one or two trimesters.

If you are a New Zealand Scholarship student, find out more about organising and paying for accommodation.

Living at Everton Hall has surpassed all my expectations. The staff are very welcoming and I felt at home from day one. The friends I have made here are lifelong.
Sunny Adani Everton Hall student

Sunny Adnani (India),

Master of Global Marketing

Applying for a hall

You should apply as early as possible to be considered for a place in a hall. There is no application fee to pay so you can apply while you wait for a confirmed Offer of Place.

Read our application advice first. International students need to provide a reference with their accommodation application. Any information you provide in the application form will be confidential.

Learn more about our offer process for accommodation.

Apply using the online accommodation application form.


Live with a local family and get a Kiwi family experience in a homestay. You may live further from the University and need to use public transport to get to and from classes. Homestay families may include children and pets.

Benefits include:

  • a comfortable, safe home environment
  • your own fully furnished bedroom
  • most of your meals provided (except lunch during the week)
  • the opportunity to practise your English and build relationships with locals.

To ensure your homestay can be organised in time, apply for a homestay at least one month before you arrive in New Zealand.

Private accommodation

Renting private accommodation is known as ‘flatting’ in New Zealand. You can rent an apartment or house yourself or rent a room in an established flat.

If you are bringing your family to New Zealand, you should arrange private accommodation. Halls of residence are usually only available for students.

Benefits include:

  • freedom, privacy, and independence
  • options to suit all budgets
  • more choice of where in the city you live.

Finding private accommodation in Wellington can take some time—and may be more difficult near the start of the year when many other students are also looking. Depending on your budget, you may end up living some distance away from the University. For these reasons, it may be best to consider other accommodation options first.

We recommend you wait and sign a lease only once you are in Wellington and can view any rental properties for yourself. Local landlords and people looking for flatmates will also expect to meet you in person and for you to have a New Zealand mobile number.

Check out some advice about New Zealand housing on NauMai NZ.

Temporary accommodation

You must arrange temporary accommodation if you are arriving before your accommodation is available. You may arrive for your International Orientation before your hall move-in date—check your hall contract to see if you need temporary accommodation.

New Zealand Scholarship students should check their arrival date. We can arrange temporary accommodation for you if requested. Find out more about accommodation for Scholarship students.

If you are under 18

If you are under 18 when you attend International Orientation, we need to make sure you are safe and well-supported while at the University. You will need to apply for a homestay or catered hall of residence, or stay with a designated caregiver (a family member or close family friend)—at least until you turn 18.

Read other important information for students under 18 years.