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Submit your documents

When you apply to study, you need to send us certified copies of your documents. If your documents are not in English, you will need to get them translated.

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document (not a fax or a download) that has been made in front of someone official.

Your certified copies must be clear and legible and may be provided electronically (in high-quality PDF format) or in hard copy.

Please do not provide any original documents.

Getting your documents certified

Any documents you submit as part of your application must be certified by an acceptable certification body or official as a true copy of the original document.

They must check and date stamp every page of a document with a certifying statement. For example, ‘original sighted’—with the full name, title, and signature of the person providing this certification on each page.

Acceptable authorities for certifying documents are:

  • a New Zealand consular official of an embassy/high commission
  • a government/municipal official with the legal right to take official declarations
  • a notary service with the legal right to take official declarations or with an official apostille stamp
  • an officer of the court with the legal right to take official declarations
  • a justice of the peace with the legal right to take official declarations
  • a registrar (or equivalent) from the academic institution who awarded the qualification
  • a Victoria University of Wellington approved international education agent.

If you need help with certifying your documents or with applying, find an approved agent.

If your documents are not in English

If your documents are not written in English, you will need to get your documents translated by an official translator. These translations will also need to be certified.

You must then submit certified copies of both the English translation and the translated document with your application.

Submitting fake or forged documents

If you submit fake or forged documents in support of your application, we will:

  • refuse or cancel your admission or enrolment
  • not accept any future admission applications from you
  • notify Immigration New Zealand and the New Zealand Police
  • notify other New Zealand universities.

Make sure you are aware of our terms and conditions of applying.