Apply as a New Zealand secondary school student

If you are an international student currently studying at a New Zealand secondary school, here is how to apply.

If you are an international student currently studying for NCEA, International Baccalaureate (IB), or Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) in New Zealand, you need to apply as an international student. Our International team is here to guide you through the application process.

As a current New Zealand international secondary school student, you can:

  • apply now through Puaha, the online portal
  • apply before your exam results are available
  • gain entrance without meeting Guaranteed Entry Scores.

How to apply online

1. Check admission requirements

To become a student at the University you need to qualify via one of the admission pathways, for example, by achieving NCEA University Entrance. It's a good idea to check our requirements well before you apply to study, to make sure you’re on track to qualify. Make sure you select New Zealand as your country of study

2. Prepare your documentation

  • Prepare a certified copy of your passport (the personal details page). Scan and save as a PDF file.
  • You do not need a copy of your exam results to apply.

3. Complete your online application

If you're applying for yourself, you can create an account on Pūaha, our student portal, and complete your application online.

  • You’ll need a personal email address to start your online application.
  • You’ll need to know what you want to study (your degree or programme) and when you want to start studying (the year and trimester) before you start your application.

Find out more about how to sign up or sign in to Pūaha.

You will find instructions for how to apply, and a link to the online portal, on your degree or programme page. Make sure you read the terms and conditions when you apply.

If you are applying using an approved agent, you or your agent will need to submit the International Student Application Form.

What happens next

You’ll receive a conditional Offer of Place and an invitation to enrol in your courses online

If your application to study at Victoria University of Wellington is successful, we will send you a conditional Offer of Place. Your Offer will remain conditional until your NCEA, IB, or CAIE results have been released.

With a conditional Offer of Place, you are still able to apply for accommodation, pay your tuition fees, and prepare your documents for your new student visa. We recommend you organise all of these before you receive your unconditional Offer.

You’ll accept your Offer

You need to accept, decline, or defer your Offer online.

You’ll select the courses for your first year

You are also able to enrol online in your courses with a conditional Offer. We will send you an invitation to enrol online before the start of your first trimester. It’s a good idea to start thinking about choosing your courses now.

We’ll confirm your exam results

  • NCEA students: If you have applied for admission with NCEA, you do not need to send us your results. We will verify your results online when they are released in January.
  • Cambridge (CAIE) students: If you have applied for admission with CAIE, you need to email us your Cambridge Centre and candidate numbers. We will then verify your results online when they are released in January.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) students: If you have applied for admission with IB, you must request the release of your IB results to us once they are available. Our institution code is: 001649.

You’ll receive an unconditional Offer of Place

After your results are released in January and we have confirmed that you meet the entry requirements, you will receive an unconditional Offer of Place to study at Victoria University of Wellington.

You’ll apply for your visa

Now that you have an unconditional Offer, you need to apply for your student visa. Your current student visa will name your secondary school as your place of study. To enrol at the University, you must apply for a new student visa that names Victoria University of Wellington as your place of study and includes your study programme.

Preparing for your studies

Check your email inbox regularly for more information from us about your next steps. Find out what else you need to do to get ready to study.