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Application process

Follow these steps to apply for US Federal Student Aid at Victoria University of Wellington.

Your US Federal Student Aid application process depends on whether you are a first-time or returning borrower with Victoria University of Wellington.

  1. Apply for your programme of study at Victoria University of Wellington.
  2. Receive and accept your Offer of Place (first-time applicants only).
  3. Complete the following documentation:
  4. Once you have completed all documentation above, email your Application form for US Federal Student Aid to the
  5. Once your eligibility has been assessed, we will notify you by email of the loan type(s) and amount(s) that you are eligible for.
  6. Return your signed award letter stating the loan type and amount you wish to be certified.
  7. You will receive your Direct Loan information letter to support your student visa application.
  8. Receive your funds.

Additional loans

If you are a graduate or dependent undergraduate student, we may also provide you with information about a Direct PLUS loan award.

Students who are ineligible for a PLUS Loan and require additional loans to cover their study can consider a private education loan.