Application process

Information to assist you with the application process and disbursement timeline.

You must have received an offer of place for an eligible programme at Victoria University of Wellington before your financial aid application can be assessed, but you can get started on the application before this. Follow the steps below.

1. Complete the financial aid application process

The following process must be completed annually:

2. Assessment of eligibility

You must hold an offer of place and complete the full application process before your financial aid application can be assessed. If eligible, you will be notified by email and receive a Financial Aid Offer detailing your Cost of Attendance, loan types, and amounts you are eligible for.

Graduate students and parents of dependent undergraduate students may be eligible for a Direct PLUS loan. Students who are ineligible for a Direct PLUS loan and require additional loans to cover their study can consider a private education loan.

Depending on your eligibility and status, relevant information about a Direct PLUS loan or private education loan will also be included in your Financial Aid Offer if appropriate.

3. Review your Financial Aid Offer and return the Loan Acceptance Form

Consider your options, and take time to think about the loans and amounts you wish to borrow presented to you in your financial aid offer. You are not obliged to borrow the maximum approved amount but are advised to borrow what you may require.

You must return your signed Loan Acceptance Form stating the types of loans and amounts you wish to borrow to the Financial Aid Coordinator:

4. Receive the visa support letter

You will receive your loan information letter to support your student visa application.

5. Receive your Direct Loan funds

You will receive a minimum of two equal disbursements per year which coincide with the start of each trimester. The main disbursement dates:

  Trimester 1 2024 Trimester 2 2024 Trimester 3 2024*
New students 19 February 1 July4 November
Returning students 26 February 8 July 11 November

* Only students studying during trimester 3 will receive this disbursement.

After tuition and fees are paid in full, the excess balance will be refunded to your nominated bank account within 14 days of the University receiving funds. Students must apply to student finance for their credit balance before disbursements are released. The Financial Aid Coordinator will provide further information before each disbursement.