What the Scholarship covers

Your Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship covers most of the costs of studying including your fees, travel, insurance, and a fortnightly living allowance.

As a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship student, you will receive funding for:

  • full tuition fees
  • travel between New Zealand and your home country (at the beginning and end of your Scholarship, and reunion travel for some students)
  • an establishment allowance to help with set-up costs
  • a fortnightly living allowance to cover basic living expenses
  • medical and travel insurance
  • private tutoring and writing coaching
  • a research and thesis allowance for some postgraduate students
  • a reintegration allowance to support you to settle back home.
As a recipient of the Manaaki scholarship, it’s been a game-changer. The financial support wasn’t just about making ends meet but giving me the freedom to dive deep into my passion for public policy.

Wai Lwin Thaw (Myanmar),

Master of Public Policy

Allowances and living costs

The cost of living in New Zealand may be high compared to your home country. Your Scholarship allowance will cover basic living costs—make sure you can meet any additional costs, including whether you can afford to bring your family.

To find out more about living costs, use our cost calculator or read the Money Matters Guide for International Students pdf3.6MB. If you would like help to develop a budget, contact the Student Finance Advisers.

When you arrive, you will have access to a New Zealand bank account and your initial establishment allowance of NZ$3,000. You will then receive a living allowance of NZ$982 every two weeks—for all 52 weeks of the year, including the summer holiday period.

An ongoing establishment allowance of NZ$1,000 will be paid for each subsequent full year of study.


Your health and travel insurance costs are covered by your Scholarship, including higher premiums for any pre-existing conditions. You are automatically insured with the University’s international student insurance, Studentsafe, before you travel to New Zealand and until you fly home.

You must declare any pre-existing conditions using the Medical Risk Assessment form pdf185KB.

You can go to the International team for support when making an insurance claim.

Costs for bringing your family

Your Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship does not include financial support for your family. If your family travels with you, you will need to pay for their travel, visa, insurance, accommodation, and living costs.

Find out more about what is and is not covered for your family on the Education New Zealand website.