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US Federal Student Aid

Victoria University of Wellington is a full participant in the US Federal Student Aid programme and administers US Federal Student Aid loans.

Studying your degree overseas can be a more affordable option. Our financial aid coordinator can help you manage your loans application and answer any queries you might have. Email our financial aid coordinator.

Find out more about studying at Victoria University of Wellington as a US student.


US citizens and eligible non-citizens must meet these criteria to qualify for US Federal Aid. Find out whether you are eligible.

Loan types

Explore the types of US Federal Student Aid loans that you may be eligible for.

Application process

Information to assist you with the step by step application process and the disbursement timeline.

Cost of attendance

Find out how your cost of attendance and movements in the exchange rate can affect the amount of money you can borrow.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

If you receive US Federal Student Aid funds, you will have your academic progress assessed at the end of each payment period (each trimester).

Return of Title IV Funds

Read the University’s procedure for the Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) should you withdraw, discontinue, or take leave from your study.

Manage and repay your loan

Borrowers are obligated to make minimum loan repayments. There are deferment and forbearance options and consequences for overdue payments.

Student consumer information

Tools, resources, and other information for Victoria University of Wellington students receiving US Federal Student Aid.


Definitions of terms you might come across while you're applying for or receiving US financial aid.