Once you have applied and accepted an Offer of Place, you need to choose your courses and enrol online.

To enrol at the University as a new international student:

  • You need to register in courses for that academic year.
  • We will check your student visa and insurance if you will be studying in New Zealand.
  • Your final tuition fees will be calculated and you will pay any outstanding fees before your courses begin.

If you are an international PhD student, you will enrol through the Faculty of Graduate Research.

Before you can enrol

To complete your enrolment, you need to accept an unconditional Offer of Place.

You need to meet any conditions on your Offer of Place before you can choose your courses and complete enrolment.

If you have an Offer conditional on your exam results and you are a New Zealand secondary school student, you can enrol online.

If you need help, you can contact the International team.

Choosing your courses

You will need to research which courses you want to enrol in and create a course plan.

Each degree or programme has some courses you must take, called required courses. And many degrees or programmes also allow you to take elective courses. Find out more about choosing your courses or getting course advice.

If you have already enrolled in your courses online, you can change courses when you review and accept your Offer of Study, or by contacting your Faculty after you have completed enrolment.

How to enrol in your courses

International students who are eligible to enrol online will be emailed an invitation to enrol from November 7 (for Trimester 1), May (Trimester 2), or September (Trimester 3) when the online enrolment period opens. An invitation to enrol will be sent to any newly eligible students up until the online enrolment period closes. You cannot complete enrolment without an invitation to enrol.

Study Abroad and exchange students

You must enrol in three or four courses (45 to 60 points) each trimester, even if you have been approved for more courses.